Creativity in the Age of the Pandemic

Well, Hello!  I’ve been gone for quite a while.

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The truth is, I was lost before the pandemic.  And, rather than admit and address it, I turned inward as the world became engorged in anxiety, in doubt, in depression.  We all had our own ways of reacting and responding to the pandemic.  I will admit that I could not write.  But I wanted to.


Side Hustle

side hustle



In my first post, I shared that I’ve always been a writer. Whether it was letters, stories, plays, greeting cards, or essays, words have come easily to me. In fact, they flood my mind.  But, when those closest to me discovered that I was having a book published, they wanted to know if I had resigned from my job, or, at the very least, had given my notice. As I shared more details about the project, the people closest to me were confused by the fact that I had no intention to walk away from my 9 to 5. But, for me, writing is my side hustle.




In most uses of the term, a side hustle is any type of employment performed in addition to a person’s full-time job. Typically, side hustles involve doing things that the person is passionate about, but the hustle is primarily performed to supplement the person’s income.  I’ve come to realize that this definition is what causes confusion about what I am doing.

I published my first book, Cross Your Fingers, because it had been a dream of mine. I did not presume that it would lead to fame. I did not write it with the intent to resign from my career. I write, because I have something to say, something that I want to share. I think my writing adds to my community and to my identity.

While writing can be an occupation, a business, a hobby, and/or a passion, for me, it’s something that I couldn’t stop doing even if I so desired.  While it happens to create income, I was not seeking to escape the rat race.

However, if the right conditions present themselves, who knows what I might consider. 😏


Greetings and Salutations


A blog? What’s that? And, why are you doing it? I thought you were writing books.

My mother has not uttered those words yet, but she will.  She will when I tell her that I have started a blog.  She won’t ask those questions to be cruel.  She won’t make the statement to be cynical. My mother will wonder what’s going on with me now.  She is the nagging sense of practicality that keeps my feet to the ground.  And, I know, if I have an answer for her, then I am ready for any endeavor.

I will respond.  “Mom, a blog is like an online diary without too many of the torrid details.”  She will miss the intended humor in that line.  It will blow out in her sigh.  I will go on to explain that I am not giving up writing.  In fact, the blog will work in tandem with the novel writing.  Novels are long, complex works that take on lives of themselves.  There are moments when one is being created that other smaller ideas spring to life.  Some are worthy of more attention than they will receive and some are not.  Often, it is hard to know which is which, but a blog will give me a home for those projects.  A blog will give those exercises a place to be flexed and seen and commented upon.

As I say all of this, she will scroll up and down the page and stare at the blog.  She may stop and read an entry.  Or, she may go directly to the page where the books are listed.  She will like that.  That is an easy place for her direct people to see my published works.

But, I will tell her.  I will show her. Because, after all, none of this could have happened without her.  (more…)