About K L Finalley

With humor and wit, K L Finalley’s work addresses narratives of human experience.  Because of her varied experiences, she has crafted a skill of slicing through the unexpected truths and cultural expectations to show the extraordinary in the ordinary.




K L Finalley is the author behind The Daily K blog.  She’s the wife of someone who saves lives, the parent of two adult children, a great aunt, and a grandparent. But, she’s also been a locally elected official, a notary public, the voice of a toll free number, a cellist, and the author of greeting cards.  She has survived hurricanes and an avalanche.  She is a Customer Service Supervisor for a Fortune 500 company.  She does her best writing while driving, in the shower, or when she should be asleep.  She loves the idea of sharing the story about the people you think you know, but have no idea how incredible life can be.

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