Welcome to the official website of K L Finalley!  Like most of you, I started writing at a young age – just ask my mother.  I inundated her with words – notes, stories, commentary, and thoughts – well before she was ready to be my audience.

As time went on, my audience expanded.  Now, I have shared my thoughts with friends and family in long form (when that was a thing), typewritten, in cards, in diary entries, in newsletters, in local papers, and in good old fashioned conversation.  I have published three books. I am re-energized and am working on my fourth.

I am a daydreamer and a night thinker.  I think the best stories are found in the extraordinary details found of ordinary life.  If you like to write, like to read, love anything creative, then you have found the a home.

Enjoy my creative lair.  Feel free to look around, but before you go, sign up for the newsletter.